Anyone who has lived on earth has been sick at one time or another in their life.  Sickness is debilitating to the body; it lays it low.  However, that isnít the whole story.  Sickness pervades the soul which is mind, emotions, and will; all of it begins in the spirit.  It is so imperative to understand that we are first of all spirits.  Spirits that have a soul and live in a body adapted to this planet.

Most of us believe that we are bodies with emotions, mind, and will.  Therefore, we tend to the body and even to the emotions and mind.  This is why we never can stay well; there is something always threatening our health because we never get to the source of the problem.  The source and beginning of all illnesses is in the spirit; not the mind!

Our spirits were born into a world of sin, disease, trouble, and torment.  This is why we need a savior.  So many of us think that we do not need a savior because we havenít behaved all that wrongfully.  The problem is that we were born into a system that includes all the above.  We need a Savior to deliver us from the system in which we were born.  How wonderful it is that we have a choice and we were given the gift of choice.

We do not have to stay with the system into which we were born; we can move into the alternative system which is life, health, abundance, and victory over the system into which we had to enter this world.  There is no other way to be born except into the system of torment but once we are here, we can choose the alternative.

When we make our choice for the new system, we receive all of the tools necessary to overcome sickness and disease.  I am not saying that it is an easy road, but it does do the job.  We are given all the abilities that we need and one of the most important ones is faith to believe that the tools will work in our lives.  Our new spiritual master who is God, the Father gives us a portion of faith and Jesus perfects that faith in us as we grow spiritually.  If we trust Him and obey Him, He will develop that faith in His Way so that overcoming disease, sickness, and decay is no longer an obstacle to us. 

Whatever we do, we must not put our new God into a box by thinking of Him once a week or now and then; He must truly become the new Force in our lives.  This means putting Him first in our day, every day.  Greet Him as you awaken.  Listen for His thoughts and be aware of Him throughout the day.  Read His Word that has been given to us and believe it and act on it.  If we do not do this our old master will continue to rule our lives as he has always done which will cause us to continue to be sick, disabled, and decayed.

There is a way out of this but you have to make a decision and stick with it; we are told in His word that we cannot waver between two opinions.  The old way and the new way.  We have to make a choice and work at it to overcome what our thinking process has known before.  We have to yield our thought process to His and let Him change us from the inside out.  Some of this is painful but the outcome is more than worth the yielding of self.  Self is the main tool that the master of this world used to get us into sickness, disease, and decay; self has to go!

Receive new life spiritually by asking.  If you have already made that choice, start working at renewing your mind.  In Godís Word, He tells us that once we have accepted a new Lord and master, spiritually, our salvation is up to us and we have to work it out.  Work means effort and that is exactly what is needed.  Effort!

If we need to make a choice for the new spiritual master, pray as follows or use the prayer as a guideline; the Holy Spirit is waiting to give you words to say.  He is just waiting for us to make that decision to make God our new spiritual master and begin a blessed life here on earth reflecting His glory; the reward is to live with Him after our bodies die.

Heavenly Father, I want to become spiritually re-born into Your kingdom.  You know all things and You can see my heart which is my spirit; You can turn my life around so that I am made whole spiritually so that I can be delivered from sickness, pain, and defeat.  Thank You for Your mercy and Your great love which will enable me to work out my victory.  I believe that You exist and I want You to reveal Yourself to me and enable me to walk in Your ways.  Amen.

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